Lobeys Tilt Tray Service

Dependable Tilt Tray Truck Hire and Car Towing Services in Mount Isa & North West Region

Our company specialises in movement of large machinery and equipment in the mine industry and ancillary industries across Queensland. We offer our heavy vehicle towing and truck hire services to areas up to 1000km away from our Mount Isa home base, or further distances on a requirement basis.

A little about the history of our towing services company…

Lobeys was established in in March 2013 by Dean and Margaret Lobegeiger. Having worked in and around the transport industry for more than 35 years, Dean and Margaret felt they had the right expertise to bring a fantastic tilt tray and tow truck hire business to Queensland.

After a serious look and consultation investigating what services were available in the Mount Isa region and North West mineral province, a large tilt tray was ordered in February of 2013 from Volvo Australia Townsville dealership. With an 8×4 configuration 11 litre engine, I shift transmission and capable of road train rating to 60,000 kg, our heavy vehicle towing in Queensland has become one of the best.

Choose us for efficient and cheap towing services throughout Queensland

With a cabover sleeper for fatigue management, Lobeys is able to service an area of 1000 km radius and beyond from our base. Our tow truck includes the following features:

  • The latest compliant FUPS (follow under run protection) bull bar fitted..
  • Rops (roll over protection) fitted for mine service and open cut mining pit work.
  • Bozmac TS16 tilt tray fitted with a usable clear length of 8.6 meter of deck, 30000 lb winch capable of pulling on a prime mover with brakes locked on.
  • Can carry 3 vehicles by towing another on a car trailer if necessary.

We offer a fantastic and unbelievably cheap option for car towing and trailer towing in Mount Isa. We also offer vehicle recovery of broken down prime movers across the western parts of Queensland and the Northern Territory. Additionally, we can provide outback vehicle recovery services and hot shot delivery services, with plans to purchase drop deck trailer and dolly to increase capability to handle 40 ft. containers and deliver and place on site with the tilt tray alleviating the need to hire crane and rigger/dogman for this task.

Reliable and ready for you

We believe we are the most trusted North & North West Queensland specialists in movement of large machinery and equipment. With our years of experience and our passion for what we do, Lobeys is your number one tilt tray truck and heavy vehicle towing company in Mount Isa, Queensland.

Our Client Include: