Lobeys Tilt Tray Service

Caravan and Campervan Towing and Relocation

Hauling a caravan or driving your campervan across the Australian outback is a popular holiday option for many tourists and locals. The biggest problem however is what to do when you encounter a mechanical issue that requires your vehicle or caravan to be towed or relocated. Lobeys offer affordable solutions to these outback mishaps.

Broken Down?

Suffering mechanical issues on your road trip can cause major problems not only with your holiday and finances but can also be dangerous. The dry and desolate outback is not a desirable location for a breakdown. Lobeys offers affordable and professional caravan and campervan towing services so you can get you to a mechanic and back on the road as soon as possible.

Transportation for Your Vehicle

Lobeys also offers caravan and campervan relocation services across Queensland and interstate. When you are looking to transport your caravan from one state to another either for sale purposes or due to moving, Lobeys offer caravan relocation solutions. We can tailor our service to suit you and your needs.

We have decades of experience backing our caravan towing and campervan relocation services making us one of the most trusted business across QLD. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a range of services that suit many clients. With experience transferring large mining equipment across the state, we know what it takes to safely deliver our cargo. Regardless of size, our heavy duty rated vehicle can easily relocate and tow your campervan or caravan.

Contact Us

As a leading provider of caravan towing and relocation, we can provide you with effective and affordable solutions. We can arrange for pick up or drop off at many locations across QLD or nearby states depending on your situation. Please do not hesitate to contact us via the online enquiry form or by calling direct on 0428 151 716. We can provide you with a quick quote and discuss how we can assist you.