Lobeys Tilt Tray Service

Mobile Home Towing and Relocation

Lobeys offers mobile home relocation services across Queensland and nearby interstate locations. Located in Mount Isa we are in the ideal place to help shift temporary homes that are in the mining areas. Whether you are part of a mining conglomerate looking to transport some homes from one site to another or you are a homeowner wanting to tow your pre-fabricated structure to an alternative location, our services can help you.


Mobile Home Towing

Lobeys are happy to complete any job big or small, this includes mobile home towing across the state or even just across your large property. Relocating your home is a great way to save money as well as be environmentally friendly. Rather than paying for demolishing and then re-building a new home, property towing can be the most cost-effective solution.

Our heavy duty rated trucks are designed to tow and carry heavy machinery, mining equipment and semi-trailers. With such strong pulling power we are able to easily transport your structure across large distances. Our years of experience include long haul journeys interstate as well as short trips with heavy cargo. Able to carry over 13 tonne, the Lobeys fleet are perfectly designed for property relocation.


Why Lobeys?

Dean is not your average truck driver. With over 35 years of experience in the driving and mechanic industry, Dean is an all-rounder with a passion for getting things to where they need to be. Through extensive research we discovered there was a need for a reliable towing and relocation service in QLD. Surrounded by mining industry and rural communities, Lobeys offers solutions to goods transportation in the North Queensland areas.

Our skills and professionalism means that our services are the best in QLD. Contact us on 0428 151 716 for a quick quote.